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Kirk session agenda 12 Feb

constitution – welcome and prayer
Minutes of last meeting
Matters arising (items not covered under a heading below)
Administration :   Cleaning
Christian Aid Week – 10th to 16th May (for noting)                      
Worship (David)
Refugio update
Messy Church
Café Connect
Going for Growth  – Inspiring new worshipping communities
Upcoming services
Mission (Louise)
Alpha next
2nd Sunday Supper
Malawi/other mission support
Youth work report
Pastoral Team (Catherine)
Training update
Finance (Louise)
Present accounts
Fabric (Russell)
Health and safety
Audio visual equipment
General Trustees report on use of Buildings
Presbytery report (Norma)  (no report due)
Vacancy update (Interim Moderator)
Safeguarding: (David)
Notifiable events (David)
Mission Plan (local)
Stewardship Campaign
AOCB (must be notified at start of meeting)
Date of next meeting
Close with prayer

Kirk session minutes 8 jan 2020

In the absence of the Interim Moderator, the meeting agreed that Mrs Catherine Paterson should be appointed as moderator.

Mrs Paterson opened the meeting with a prayer.

Sederunt:    Present were:  Mrs Catherine Paterson, acting moderator; Mr David Logue, Session Clerk; Ms Ealasaid Mackay, Mrs Norma Kelly, Presbytery Elder; Mrs Louise Logue, Treasurer

Attending:  Mr Russell Anderson, Property Convenor;  Mr Gordon Green, Mrs Arlene Green

Apologies:    Rev Christine Fulcher, Interim Moderator;  Mrs Libby MacDonald, Mrs Catherine MacLennan.

Minutes of meetings of the 18th November 2019:

The minutes of the meeting of the 18th November 2019, which had been previously circulated were approved:  Proposed by Mrs Logue and seconded by Mrs Paterson

Matters arising from the above minutes:

Audio visual equipment:    This equipment installed in Tayvallich Church had been used at the service on Sunday 5th January 2020 for the first time.   Words of one hymn and a short DVD on Alpha were displayed during the service.

This was well received and it was suggested at the meeting that in future the words of all hymns could be displayed, and also the words of the scripture readings. 

Extension at Tayvallich Church:

Mr Logue and Mr Anderson updated the meeting on visits to three Architects.   The architect, Organic Architects of Helensburgh had been asked to draw up some ideas to put forward as a Pre Application to the planning department.    This was displayed on the AV screen for comment.

Questions were raised in relation to:  the roof material of the curved roof, estimated costs, and impact of shadow on neighbouring property.   Mr Logue stated that no discussion had taken place at this time with the owner of the neighbouring property.

It was agreed that Mr Logue would refer the questions back to the architect and informally update the neighbour on the possible building.

Mrs Kelly informed the meeting that Mr Neil, architect and adviser on buildings to the Presbytery was now available to undertake site visits for advice.

Refugio Training:    Mrs Logue reported that invitations to attend the training organised in Tayvallich on the 29th and 30th January had been sent to church leaders across Argyll and that it would also be circulated by the Presbytery Clerk.  

It was agreed that North Knapdale would meet reasonable travel and accommodation costs of the trainers from Greyfriars Kirk.

Winter Gathering:   The craft event and lunch in Achnamara hall in December 2019 had this year been quieter than previous years, with fewer local people attending.    Stall holders reported that they were very quiet.  £500 was raised by the event to be split evenly between the church and the Hall.

Pulpit Supply fees:    Mrs Logue raised the issue of Pulpit Supply fees in relation to those taking only one of the two services on Sundays in the linked Parishes of Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford, and North Knapdale. 

Concern had been raised by one reader over the limit applied under Church of Scotland rules, that those undertaking one service only in a linked charge be paid a fee of 50% of the total fee for two services which is £90.    This results in a fee of £45, rather than the £60 fee where there is no second service.

Following discussions with the Interim Moderator, and the Presbytery Treasurer, Mrs Logue proposed that the “50%” rule should not be applied in North Knapdale, as, where individuals were leading only one service it was not due to their decision, it was because only one service was available as the service at Glassary Kilmartin and Ford was being undertaken by another person.   When worship leaders were taking the services in both Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford, and in North Knapdale then the standard fees for two services of £90 would be applied.  

The proposal was agreed.   It was further agreed to backdate this revised payment to the beginning of the current vacancy.

Cleaning and Flower Rota.

Mrs Green asked if any one had volunteered to clean the Tayvallich Church on a regular basis.   Mr Logue reported that no one had yet come forward but that a further request would be made at the service on Sunday 12th January.    It was agreed that if there was no suitable volunteer, that Mr Logue should approach the current cleaner for the Tayvallich Hall to undertake the cleaning on a commercial basis.

Mrs Kelly volunteered to take on the organisation of the Flower Rota for Tayvallich Church.

Worship and Mission:

Pastoral Care team:   Mrs Paterson reported that she is calling meeting of Pastoral care volunteers following Worship on Sunday 12th January to arrange suitable times and places for training events.

It was agreed that Mrs Paterson should order whatever books and material is required for this training.

Messy Church:   Mrs Logue reported that attendance at the Christmas Party had been disappointing with three families attending, one of which decided to leave early.

Mrs Smith has written to Mrs Logue to say that at the moment she is unable to commit the time for organisation of Messy Church and so will not be available to continue to lead this.    It was agreed that Messy Church would therefore be inactive for the time being.

Mrs Logue stated that she was more concerned at the moment about work with the teenage children in the parish, but was uncertain about what to do about this.   She plans therefore to write to Kenny Wilson, the Presbytery youth worker to discuss this.

Alpha/ Alpha next:   Mr Logue reported that invitations were being circulated for two “taster sessions” with a view to running an Alpha series.    Elders and all members were encouraged to use this as an opportunity to bring friends along to hear about and see the content of Alpha.   This is a good way to introduce friends to the Christian faith over a friendly and sociable meal.

The “Alpha Next” group meets weekly again on Tuesday evenings in Mr and Mrs Logue’s home.   This is time of discussion on aspects of Christian faith, a DVD or teaching topic, and prayer.   All members of the session are warmly invited to come along.

 Second Sunday Supper/Cafe Church.

Mr Logue reported that next Second Sunday supper is on the 12th January and that 17 people had already booked and further invitations would be circulated at Cafe Connect, Skiff Group and Sunday Worship.

Cafe church on the 29th December in Achnamara Hall had been well received with Carol singing.   24 people had attended. 

 Mission Development Plan.

Mr Logue reported that the last meeting of the group had made little progress as Glassary,  Kilmartin and Ford were awaiting a response to their appeal to the Presbytery Moderator.

Mr Logue had attended the meeting as representative from North Knapdale and the Interim Moderator for Glassary Kilmartin and Ford linked with North Knapdale had also attended.    Mr Logue reported that one representative from each Parish and the two Ministers from Lochgilphead and from Ardrishaig linked with South Knapdale had been asked to attend.    Mr Logue proposed that he write to the Presbytery Planning Convenor to suggest that there should be at least two representatives from each parish in the Mission Development Group to provide balanced representation from the congregations.   This was agreed.

 Service plan and Easter Services

Mr Logue circulated a revised Service Plan which includes the Easter week services and a change to the venue for the service on Easter Sunday the 12th April from Bellanoch to Tayvallich. 


Attest rolls

Mr Logue read out the rolls of Members and Adherents for 2019 and these were agreed

 Statistical return

Mr Logue presented the completed Presbytery Statistical Return.   Following discussion some alterations were agreed to the section on “Age range and usual number of worshippers” and these were amended.

 Polling Station 

Tayvallich church was used as a polling station for the general election on the 12th December 2019.    This was arranged by Mr Logue following discussion with the Tayvallich Hall, which had been booked for the Christmas buffet for older people on that day, the organiser of the buffet, and the Argyll and Bute Election Office.

A number of the elders reported that they had received comments from some local residents and also church members that they did not think this an appropriate use of the church building.

Other elders reported favourable comments from residents, church members and also the polling station staff.

The members of session agreed that Mr Logue should not have taken the decision for this use of the church on his own and, prior to agreeing its use as a polling station, should have canvassed the views of the other elders.     If this had been agreed by the session members then they would have been better informed to explain to others the reason for using the church.   Those elders present agreed that , had they been asked, they would have agreed to the church being used for Polling.    Mr Logue apologised for not seeking the views of session on this and agreed that similar decisions on the uses of the church buildings should be taken by the session.  


Interim Moderator – no report

Presbytery  – Mrs Kelly gave a detailed report on matters from the      December Presbytery meeting.   The Prayer breakfast in Lochgilphead had been well attended with representatives from all the local churches, including the recently appointed Roman Catholic priest and the Pastor of the Baptist church.   There was a Presentation on Church and the Community by Cinnamon Trust, and also a focus on the work of the Emergency Services.

Godly Play Training will be organised across the Presbytery.

Argyll Presbytery will be enlarged to include Helensburgh, Luss and Arrochar as West Dumbarton Presbytery is dissolved.

Dunoon parishes are providing an open day on the 11th January to present ideas for their Development Planning, and use of buildings and are also inviting the Presbytery Planning group to attend.

Training in Suicide Awareness is planned for the 16th and 17th, 19th and 20th March 2020.

Congregations are asked to support and pray for the Presbytery Mission Partner, John McCulloch who is working in Palestine.    Prayer letters will be circulated to Parishes.

Tarbert Church has been granted permission by Presbytery to spend approximately £60,000 on new toilets and level access.

Stewardship –  no report 

Safeguarding – nothing to report 

Notifiable events  – no events to be notified

Treasurer and Finance Committee  – no report

Health and Safety:     Mr Anderson reported that he was progressing with the completion of the health and safety toolkits.

It was agreed that he should purchase First Aid Kits, posters and accident books for both church buildings.   It was also agreed that he should progress with the installation of Smoke or heat detectors in both churches and suitable fire doors on the vestries in both churches.

Fabric Report  – no items reported 


Payment of OLMs:   A letter had been received from Craig Renton of the Church of Scotland in relation to payment of OLMs when undertaking a locum appointment.     This was noted.

Youth Work Report – Kenny Wilson

Report on Youth work in South Kintyre from the Presbytery Youth worker, Kenny Wilson, was circulated for information and prayer.

Date of next meeting – the next meeting was set for the 12th February at 7.30pm in       Tayvallich Church..

The meeting was closed by all praying The Grace together.

Kirk session agenda 8 jan 2020


Opening Prayer and Worship

  1. Sederunt
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of meetings of the 18th November 2019
  4. Matters arising from the above minutes:
    1. Audio visual equipment.
    2. Extension at Tayvallich
    3. Refugio Training,
    4. Winter Gathering
  5. Worship and Mission:
    1. Pastoral Care team
    2. Messy Church
    3. Alpha/ Alpha next
    4. Second Sunday Supper/Cafe Church.
    5. Mission Development Plan.
    6. Winter Gathering
    7. Service plan and Easter Services
  6. Administration:
    1. Attest roles
    2. Statistical return
    3. Polling Station  
  7. Reports:
    1. Interim Moderator
    2. Presbytery 
    3. Stewardship –  no report 
    4. Safeguarding 
    5. Notifiable events 
    6. Treasurer and Finance Committee  – no report
    7. Health and Safety
    8. Fabric Report  
  8. Correspondence:
    1. Payment of OLMs
  9. Date of next meeting
  10. Close with prayer.

Kisk session minutes 18 nov 2019

The meeting was opened with a reading from Micah, ch.6 v.8 and prayer led by the Interim Moderator, Rev Christine Fulcher

Sederunt:  Rev Christine Fulcher, Interim Moderator; Mr David Logue, Session clerk; Mrs Louise Logue, treasurer; Mrs  Libby MacDonald; Mrs Catherine Paterson.

Attending:   Mrs Catherine MacLennan

Apologies received from Mrs Norma Kelly, Ms Ealasaid Mackay

The minutes of meeting of the 23rd October 2019 were approved.   Proposed by Mrs Logue and seconded by Mrs MacDonald

Matters arising from the above minutes:

Audio visual equipment.    The equipment has been installed but has yet to be fully set up effectively.   Mrs Logue to seek advice on rectifying a problem with the laptop to screen connection.

Extension.   Mr Logue and Mr Russell Anderson had visited two architects and were visiting a third on the 19th November.   These visits are to discuss the services offered and the experience and initial proposals prior to appointing one as the architect for the project.

It was unanimously agreed that travel expenses could be claimed for travel in relation to these visits.

Blythswood Shoebox appeal.   A total of 14 boxes had been delivered from North Knapdale to the Blythswood appeal.

Worship and Mission:

Pastoral Care team:   Mrs Paterson reported that 8 people, all female, had agreed to take part in this.   She is preparing training material to commence in January, 2020, and will also invite relevant speakers as part of the training events.

Messy Church:   The Messy church party is organised for the 3rd December in Kilmartin Church.

Alpha/ Alpha next.   Mrs Logue reported that it was intended that a new Alpha course will be advertised and run from January, 2020.

Refugio.   Mrs Logue and Mrs MacLennan reported that they had attended Refugio, (Christian Meditation), events in Greyfriars Church during the Heartedge Conference and found them helpful and uplifting.    Following encouraging conversations at the “Second Sunday Supper” they intend to introduce this type of meditation to North Knapdale.   In preparation for this, a training event led by the practitioners from Greyfriars will be arranged for January 2020 in the parish.   This will cover two four hour sessions on the 29th and 30th January 2019.   Details would be circulated to neighbouring congregations with an invitation to attend.

Second Sunday Supper/Cafe Church.   The second Sunday supper in Achnamara Hall in November was held as a Quiz Night using the Tearfund Materials.    This was a successful evening raising £409 for Tearfund and 41 people attended.    There will be no Second Sunday Supper in December and this will recommence in January 2020.

Cafe Church will be in Achnamara hall on the 29th December at 4.30pm.    This will have Christmas and New Year themes

Mission Development Plan.   There was a meeting of representatives from the five mid Argyll parishes to discuss the Mission Development Plan on the 5th November 2019.   One representative attended from each parish with Mr Logue attending from North Knapdale.  The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and agree the basis of a Job description for the Mission Development worker proposed for the area.

Prior to discussion on this the representative for Glassary Kilmartin and Ford notified the meeting that they had lodged an appeal to the Moderator of Presbytery against the decision that they could not call a minister to their Parish linked with North Knapdale.   The reason and impact of this was discussed and Mr Logue pointed out that this was a decision by Glassary Kilmartin and Ford and that the congregation of North Knapdale wished to proceed with the Mission plan bringing the five parishes together.

Rev Carruthers also raised some concern that the number of MDS posts available may be limited to 5.67 full time posts and so we may be unable to appoint to this.   He would however seek clarification of this.

Following discussion it was agreed that Rev. Carruthers would inform the Presbytery Planning convenor that Mid Argyll were progressing the Mission Plan and that, pending clarification of the number of the MDS posts and the outcome of the appeal by Glassary Kilmartin and Ford, it was agreed that the parishes would combine with some form of “Team ministry” structure with three full time posts, one, or more likely two, of which would be Ordained Minister posts certainly in the immediate future. The third post would primarily be focussed on “outreach” into the communities.  The next meeting of this group will be on the 2nd December 2019 at 10.30am in Lochgilphead Parish Church hall.

Remembrance service.    This had taken place at Barnluasgan memorial with 21 people attending.   Mr Logue suggested that in future years there could be more advertisement of this event.

 Winter Gathering.     This will be on the 7th December with craft stalls and with soup and sandwich lunch from 11.30am to 2.00pm in      Achnamara Hall.   It is noted that the times given have changed since the entry in the previous Session Minutes.   There will be no Cafe Connect on that date.

 Service plan.   Mr Logue circulated an updated service plan from    December 2019 to April 2020.  It was noted that Rev Fulcher was leading worship on three Sundays over that period and that on February 16th 2020 she would lead a Communion service.


Interim Moderator:   Rev Fulcher reported that she was very pleased to be taking up the role of Interim Moderator for ourselves and Glassary Kilmartin and Ford.    She is currently also providing support as Interim Moderator to Skipness, Tarbert and Kilberry, and to Islay and Jura.

Session Clerk:   Mr Logue reported that he would be away from church   for the following four Sundays. 

Presbytery – no report as there had not been a meeting.

Stewardship –  no report 

Safeguarding  – no report

Notifiable events No Notifiable events have occurred.

Treasurer and Finance Committee:   Mrs Logue raised a query over the rules on the payment of Pulpit Supply within a linked parish when either one or both parishes were covered by the person leading worship.   Following discussion it was agreed that Rev Fulcher would seek advice on the rules and notify Mrs Logue.

Health and Safety:   The session Clerk was asked to notify the Property Convenor that it was required that the Health and Safety audit and risk assessments for the two church building be completed by the end of December 2019.

Fabric;  No issues reported. 


Prayer Breakfast:   Notification had been received of the Presbytery Prayer breakfast on the 3rd December in the Stag Hotel, Lochgilphead at 7.30am.

Culture of invitation Roadshow:   This notification had only just been received by the Session Clerk through the “Mission News”  e-mails.    In view of the short notice no-one could attend from Session but it was hoped that it would be possible to attend any future events.

Date of next meeting   The next meeting will be on the 8th January 2020 at 7.30pm in Tayvallich Church.

The meeting was closed by praying “The Grace” together.

Kirk session 23 October 2019

Opening Prayer and Worship;

The meeting was opened in prayer by the Interim moderator

Sederunt:  Mrs Alison Hay, Interim Moderator, Mr David Logue, Session Clerk, Mrs Libby MacDonald, Mrs Norma Kelly, Mrs Louise Logue, treasurer.

In attendance:  Mrs Catherine MacLennan

Apologies: Mr Russell Anderson, Mrs Catherine Paterson, Ms Ealasaid MacKay

Minutes of meetings of the 19th September 2019:   The minutes had been previously circulated.   An addendum noting information taken by Mrs Kelly at the Presbytery Conference was circulated and read by those present.

The minutes and addendum were approved:    proposed by Mrs Kelly, and seconded by Mrs MacDonald.

Matters arising from the above minutes:

Audio visual equipment:   Mr Logue reported that the proposed site of the screen as discussed at the previous meeting had been approved by Mr Turner of CARTA.   Mrs Logue reported that cost of the screen, laptop, cables and installation would be in the order of £2,500.

The meeting approved this and asked that Mrs Logue proceed with ordering the equipment and organising the installation

Extension:  Mr Logue reported that the third architect approached to consider taking on the design and build of the extension had declined to proceed.   Mr Logue was asked by the session to proceed with the two architectural companies who had responded.

Heartedge Conference:   Mr Logue, Mrs Logue and Mrs Maclennan who had attended the conference reported back to the session on their experience and learning from the conference.    All three reported that this had been a very worthwhile and encouraging event which has given them inspiration for actions for the church in the future.

Life explored:   Two DVD presentations, 20 handbooks and 6 leaders books have been received.  The Alpha next group are currently looking at the course which is proving to be interesting and challenging and they suggest it would be useful for a group from the congregation to undertake this.     Mrs Kelly will look at the material over the next few months with a view to inviting a group together in the spring. 

Worship and Mission:

Elders:    Mr Logue reported that he had approached all those who had been suggested by session members as potential new elders.    Mrs Maclennan had responded enthusiastically and would like to be considered.   The others took the view that this would not be suitable for them at the moment.

Mrs Hay suggested that suitable training for Mrs MacLennan be considered at the next meeting.

Pastoral Care team:     Mr Logue reported that this was being taken forward by Mrs Paterson.

Messy Church:     Mrs Logue reported that Mrs C Smith has organised a planning meeting  for the 31st October and that it is intended to have a Christmas Party on the 3rd December at Kilmartin Church. Mrs Smith is also happy to attend session to report on Messy Church matters.

Alpha/ Alpha next:    As discussed at 5.5 the Alpha Next group are looking through the “Life Explored” series

Second Sunday Supper/Cafe Church:   Mr Logue reported that the Second Sunday Supper on the 13th October was very successful with 26 guests.   The next date is the 10th November which will be a Quiz Night with donations towards the work of Tearfund.

Mr Logue suggested that the Cafe Church at Achnamara on the 29th December be a Carol service, possibly outside and at 4.00pm, if the weather was suitable.

Mission Development Plan:    Mr Logue reported on the previous meeting on the Mid Argyll Mission Plan and read from the note circulated on the meeting by Rev David Carruthers. Mr Logue will attend the next meeting on 5 November.

Remembrance service:   The wreath laying service will be at 9.15am at Barnluasgan War memorial.   Mr Logue reported that the piper was booked and that four people had been invited and agreed to lay the wreaths for each of the armed services and the Merchant Navy.

Community Gathering:    Mrs Logue reported that this was being organised by Dr Chrystine Livingston as an alternative to the Christmas Craft Fair.   It will be held on Saturday the 7th December from 11.00am to 3.00pm in Achnamara Hall.  

Blytheswood Shoe Box appeal.  Mrs Kelly had sent for the leaflets and suggested she do this in subsequent years. The Shoe boxes are to be collected from Lochgilphead on the 7th November.   In view of this Mr Logue intimated that the “Shoe Box Service” will be on the 3rd November in Tayvallich Church.


Interim Moderator :    Mrs Hay reported that she was busy with Interim Moderator duties in several Parishes, and she was guiding each one through the Presbytery Mission Plan’

Presbytery:   Mrs Kelly reported that she is busy with duties relating to her membership of the Mission and Development Committee.

Stewardship :  nothing to report 

Safeguarding : nothing to report

Notifiable events: nothing to report 

Treasurer and Finance Committee:   Mrs Logue presented the accounts for the nine month period in the financial year.   Following discussion the Interim Moderator asked that this be included in the minute as an addendum.

Health and Safety:   The Session expressed concern that there had been no progress on the Health and Safety Checklists and risk assessments.   Mrs Hay asked that this be progressed urgently with the minimum of delay

Fabric :  No report 


Zero Waste Scotland – Workshop 25.10.19:

Information on this event had been circulated on the Church website and on notice boards.

Presbytery Clerk:   Notification has been received on – 

 “On line training for Moderating Kirk Session Meetings” commencing on the 1st November 2019.

“Godly Play Making Materials Day” on the 2nd November 2019 at Rothesay Trinity Church. This information was forwarded to Mrs Smith in relation to Messy Church.

“Well equipped Spaces in the right Places” survey.    Mrs Logue reported she had taken part in the webinar on this and has completed the survey.

Scottish and Southern Energy:    Notice has been received that SSE will be fitting “Smart meters” in Bellanoch and Tayvallich Churches on the 19th December 2019.

A note on the Mid Argyll Mission Development meeting of the 1st October was received by e-mail from Rev David Carruthers.  This was discussed under item 6.6

Date of next meeting:    The next meeting will be on Monday the 18th November at 7.30pm in Tayvallich Church.

Close with prayer:   The meeting was closed with all praying the Grace together.

Kirk Session Agenda 23 October 2019

  1. Opening Prayer and Worship
  2. Sederunt
  3. Apologies
  4. Minutes of meetings of the 19th September 2019
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
    1. Audio visual equipment.
    2. Extension
    3. Heartedge Conference
    4. Life explored
  6. Worship and Mission:
    1. Elders
    2. Pastoral Care team
    3. Messy Church
    4. Alpha/ Alpha next
    5. Second Sunday Supper/Cafe Church.
    6. Mission Development Plan.
    7. Remembrance service.
    8. Community Gathering.
    9. Blytheswood Shoe Box appeal.
  7. Reports:
    1. Interim Moderator  
    2. Presbytery
    3. Stewardship  
    4. Safeguarding 
    5. Notifiable events 
    6. Treasurer and Finance Committee
    7. Health and Safety
    8. Fabric  
  8. Correspondence:
    1. Zero Waste Scotland – Workshop
  9. Date of next meeting
  10. Close with prayer.

Kirk Session Meeting 19th September 2019

The meeting was opened with prayer led by the interim Moderator.

Sederunt:  present were Mrs Alison Hay, Interim Moderator; Mrs Catherine Paterson; Mr David Logue, Session Clerk; Mrs Libby MacDonald; Mrs Norma Kelly, Presbytery Elder; Ms Ealasaid Mackay; Mrs Louise Logue, Treasurer.

Attending: Marjorie Drysdale

Apologies:   there were no apologies received.

Minutes of meetings of the 19th August 2019:   The minutes were read and adopted:   proposed by Mrs MacDonald and seconded by Mrs Kelly

Matters arising from the above minutes:

Audio visual equipment:  Mrs Logue reported that Mr Tabraham had carried out further research into LED screens and he has proposed that a 65 inch screen should be positioned on the wall to the right, facing, of the gable window of the Church.Mrs Logue placed a “mock up” screen in position and following discussion this was viewed to be a satisfactory place.   The “mock up” has been left in place for the congregation to view and make comments.    Mr Logue was asked to send this proposal to CARTA with a photograph for their views.

Extension:   Mr Logue reported that a letter has been sent to two architects offices asking for their interest in working with us on the proposals.   Mrs Hay pointed out that Presbytery would require responses from three companies.   Mr Logue was asked to send the enquiry letter to one or two other architects.

Heartedge Conference:   Mrs Logue presented figures of the costs for three people to attend this conference and the total figure covering two nights’ accommodation for three people and the conference fees was agreed.

Life explored:   Mrs Kelly has purchased this set for the church with 6 Leaders’ books and 20 hand books.   The Leaders books were distributed to the elders.  Mrs Kelly offered to look into running a course in the Spring of 2020.

Worship and Mission:

Elders and Elder’s districts: A number of names of people who would be suitable as elders had been submitted and Mr Logue was asked to approach them to ask if they would accept nomination.

It was also agreed that a Pastoral Care team should be established and a number of names of suitable people were suggested for this. Mrs Paterson agreed to take this forward and Mr Logue will forward to her the names of those suggested.

Messy Church:   Mrs Logue reported she is standing down from Messy Church for a year and that Mrs Courtney Smith is taking over the leadership.  She is planning to hold a Christmas Party to start off the next session. 

Alpha/ Alpha next:    This has restarted with regular Tuesday evening meetings.    Those present were invited to attend.

Second Sunday Supper:     The supper in September had been attended by 22 people and was well received.   This will continue monthly.

Cafe Church:   The next Cafe church will be on the 29th September in Achnamara Hall and will be led by the Local Worship team.

Mission Development Plan:     The first meeting of the five parishes had taken place on the 17th of September.   10 people from North Knapdale congregation attended, two from South Knapdale, two from Glassary Kilmartin and Ford, four from Ardrishaig and five from Lochgilphead.    Rev David Carruthers of Ardrishaig and Rev Hilda Smith of Lochgilphead also attended.    It was agreed at the meeting that two from each parish should attend the next meeting to consider and discuss proposals.     Mr Logue had written some comments and suggestions on reflection on the meeting and it was agreed that these should be circulated to the session and, if agreed, sent out to the Session Clerks and ministers of the other four parishes.


Interim Moderator:   The Presbytery Conference had been well received. 

Presbytery:  The address to the conference by John Chalmers had been well received.   The Mission Committee is taking forward the Radical Action Plan in the Presbytery.   Mrs Kelly presented a report to the Mission Committee on the various organisations which are in place which address the needs of the community in relationship to concerns of loneliness, poverty and injustice in Argyll and Bute.   This is posted on the North Knapdale website. Mr Logue was asked to provide a note on the key elements of the Presbytery papers as an addendum to this minute.

Stewardship:  Mrs Kelly has forwarded the Stewardship Roadshow  “A narrative of generosity”, a slide presentation, to Mr Logue and it was agreed that this be shown to the Session and the congregation in the near future.  

Safeguarding :   a letter outlining changes to procedure in relation to who should have disclosure checks has been received and Mr Logue was asked to circulate this to all the Session members.

Notifiable events :  None

Treasurer and Finance Committee:    A finance committee meeting had been held this week. The committee advised the Kirk Session to transfer all the funds from the sale of Inverlussa Church into the Growth fund. The Kirk Session instructed the treasurer to do this.

Health and Safety:    Mrs Hay asked Mr Logue to remind Mr Anderson that completion of the Health and Safety Checks and Risk Assessments are critical and urgent to ensure that the potential liability of Trustees is minimised.

Fabric:   No report  


Tearfund:   Mrs Logue has received “Rubbish Campaign” leaflets. These were distributed to all present and it was agreed they be distributed at Sunday Morning Worship.

Date of next meeting:     The next meeting will be on the Wed 23rd October at 7.30pm in Tayvallich Church

The meeting was closed by saying The Grace together.

Informal notes on the meeting on Mission Development Planning for the Mid Argyll Parishes: 17.9.19

David Caruthers opened the meeting with prayer.

David Caruthers and Hilda Smith both stressed that we should be looking at the next 10 to 20 years, beyond their likely current tenure as ministers.

It was noted that other areas, such as Dunoon and Campbeltown were also going through a similar review of their structures and developing their plans for the future which involved the churches in their areas coming together through linkages and unions, with a reduced number of ministers.

A suggestion was made that, as Presbytery was considering appointing a “Chaplain to Farmers” this may be a post which could be incorporated into Mid Argyll.

The use of technology to bring sermons and other worship materials into churches was suggested to reduce the load on individuals leading worship over a number of church buildings.

It was suggested that we should as a group identify the tasks which the “new church” wanted to achieve, and then consider the resources required to achieve this, and then look at the type of personnel and structures to best carry this through.

The point was made that, while looking to focus on mission to develop the church, it would also be incumbent on the church to look after and nurture the existing members, particularly where it was apparent that membership was dying out.  

It was noted that a ministers are required to carry out Weddings and baptisms, and to some extent funerals, although the Church of Scotland is providing training for readers to carry out funerals.

A proposal was made to divide mid Argyll into two “areas”.   Ardrishaig joined with North and South Knapdale, and Lochgilphead joined with Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford.    This would avoid displacing the current ministers but would increase their responsibilities, membership and populations.   One further Mission Development person could be employed to encourage mission across the two areas.

Another suggestion was made that the area could come under one minister giving leadership to a team of two Mission Development people working across the whole area and also working with, training and encouraging members to do mission activities.

In both the above scenarios local worship could continue to take place with input from Local Worship Leaders, Readers, and other lay members.

With either of the above scenarios  funding for a third post would have to be applied for, although the Church of Scotland is planning to disburse funding to Presbyteries for such posts through the saving accruing centrally under the reduction of staff in the Radical Action Plan. 

It was agreed that this was a starting point for discussions and that for future meetings, two people from each parish, plus the two ministers, attend to represent the views of the members.

The next meeting was set for the 1st October 2019, at Lochgilphead Parish Hall.

Norma Kelly and Kim Ritchie have agreed to attend from North Knapdale.

Kirk session 19 September 2019


  1. Opening Prayer and Worship
  2. Sederunt
  3. Apologies
  4. Minutes of meetings of the 19th August 2019
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
    1. Audio visual equipment.
    2. Extension
    3. Heartedge Conference
    4. Life explored
  6. Worship and Mission:
    1. Elders and Elder’s districts
    2. Messy Church
    3. Alpha/ Alpha next
    4. Second Sunday Supper/Cafe Church
    5. Mission Development Plan.
  7. Reports:
    1. Interim Moderator
    2. Presbytery
    3. Stewardship  
    4. Safeguarding 
    5. Notifiable events 
    6. Treasurer and Finance Committee
    7. Health and Safety
    8. Fabric  
  8. Correspondence:
  9. Date of next meeting
  10. Close with prayer.

Draft Minutes of Kirk Session 19 August 2019

  1. Appointment of Chair. In the absence of the Interim Moderator due to travel delays, Mrs Catherine Paterson was unanimously appointed to chair the meeting.
  2. Opening Prayer and Worship. Mrs Paterson opened the meeting in prayer
  3. Sederunt:   present were Mrs Catherine Paterson, temporary chair; Mr David Logue, Session Clerk; Mrs Libby MacDonald; Mr Russell Anderson, Property Convenor; Mrs Norma Kelly, Presbytery Elder; Ms Ealasaid Mackay; Mrs Louise Logue, Treasurer.
  4. Minutes of meetings of the 10th July 2019.    The minutes of the meeting of the 10th July 2019 which had previously been circulated were approved.   Proposed by Mrs Kelly and seconded by Mrs MacDonald
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
    1. Audio visual equipment:   Mrs Logue reported that Mr Chris Tabraham had undertaken research into suitable equipment, both projectors and screens and LED screens.   It was agreed that one or more LED screens or similar would be most suitable.    Following discussion it was agreed that Mrs Logue should discuss this further with Mr Tabraham with a view to installing one screen on a trial basis either immediately behind the Communion Table or to the right hand side (facing) of the gable end windows. 
    2. Extension:   Having now received advice from the Planning Department on the initial proposal for an extension it was agreed that Mr Anderson and Mr Logue should discuss this further and approach an Architect to draw up proposals.  In the light of the limitations expressed by the Planning Department on the size of the proposed extension, it was also agreed that the discussions with the Architect should include revising the interior layout and functionality of the existing building.    Mr Logue would also seek advice from the Presbytery adviser on property.
    3. Heartedge Conference:   Three members of the congregation have expressed interest in attending this conference in Edinburgh.   It was agreed that conference fees and expenses incurred for two nights accommodation and travel be paid from the training budget.Those attending the conference to be asked to present a report on the conference to Session and the congregation on their return. Mrs Paterson passed the chair to Mrs Alison Hay, Interim Moderator, who had now arrived 
  6. Worship and Mission:
    1. Elders and Elder’s districts:   Mr Logue had sought advice from the Interim Moderator on the possibility of our appointing more elders to the Kirk Session during this period of vacancy.    The reply from Rev David Mitchell, convenor of the Presbytery Planning Committee is that the normal process applies.   It was agreed that current elders would send the names of members they would propose to be new elders to Mr Logue in the next two weeks.   Also, it would be intimated at Sunday Services that we are seeking to appoint new elders and that anyone interested and feels called to this ministry should approach one of the current elders to discuss this further. It was also agreed that a suitable course of introduction on eldership and the Christian faith should be arranged for potential elders to undertake prior to ordination. Ordination would be undertaken by an ordained Minister.  Consideration of changes to the Elders’ Districts would take place after new elders have been ordained.
    2. Messy Church:    Mrs Courtney Smith has sent an e-mail to all the Messy Church team and some guests asking that they consider delaying the start of the Messy church season until the beginning of 2020.   This is in view of her current time commitment to her new baby for the immediate future, and the decision by Mrs Logue to stand down from a leadership role in Messy Church.    Messy church helpers are asked to consider if they are called to take on a leadership role in Messy church. 
    3. Alpha/ Alpha next:    Alpha Next will recommence in September 2019.   It is planned to encourage more people to attend.   There are no plans currently to run a new Alpha course.
    4. “Life Explored” report:   Mrs Kelly has looked in detail at this resource and reports that it would be very worthwhile to purchase this with a view to using this as a group activity for those wishing to learn about the Christian faith.   She suggested that elders could look at samples of the videos on You tube.   It was agreed that Mrs Kelly should purchase the resource with 20 hand books and 6 leaders’ books, one for each elder and the interim Moderator.
    5. Second Sunday Supper/Cafe Church:     Mr Logue reported that the next Second Sunday Supper will be held on the 8th September at Achnamara hall.  The next Cafe Church will be at Achnamara Hall on the 29th September and will be led by the Local Worship team.     Mrs MacDonald asked that the service should include material suitable for children and this was agreed.
    6. Service calendar – inc. Rev. Chris Whiteley:    Mr Logue circulated the list of those leading worship on Sundays up until the end of December.    It was noted that the joint service with Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford will be at 11.00am on the 13th October.   The Rev Chris Whiteley is visiting for the period around the 8th September and as well as leading Sunday worship has offered to lead a Bible Study or similar group meeting.     He will also be invited to attend the second Sunday Supper on the 8th September.    Mrs Kelly will contact him to discuss the dates of his visit and possible meetings during his visit.   Mr Logue suggested that he could attend the Alpha Next meeting on the 10th September or hold a bible study or similar event on another evening.   These meeting would be open to all who wished to attend.    Mrs Kelly will send Mr Logue Mr Whiteley’s e-mail address to agree a suitable programme.
    7. Mission Development Plan.    Mr Logue has been in brief discussions with the Session Clerks of Kilmartin and of Ardrishaig Parishes, but no date has been set for any joint meeting across the five parishes.
    8. “Radical Action Plan” proposed Season of Prayer:   It was agreed that this should be a regular part of Sunday worship.   Mrs Paterson will co-ordinate this and will contact the Ministries Committees of the Church of Scotland to ask for resources and information on this initiative. Mrs Kelly reported that the Radical Action Plan is being taken forward by Argyll Presbytery.
  7. Reports:
    1. Interim Moderator  – no report
    2. Presbytery: Mrs Kelly is on the Mission and Development Committee which is actively involved in the implementation of the “Radical Action Plan” for Argyll Presbytery.   This will be a major item on the agenda for the presbytery meeting in September.
    3. Stewardship:   Mrs Kelly reported that she had attended the Church of Scotland Road Show on Stewardship in Oban and that this had presented a revised plan for stewardship centred around “Mission”.    She has asked for a copy of the presentation and when this is received it was agreed that the Session and the congregation be invited to view and discuss this. 
    4. Safeguarding: no report 
    5. Notifiable events: nothing to report 
    6. Treasurer and Finance Committee: no report
    7. Health and Safety:  The property convenor confirmed he has received the Health and Safety Toolkit and will complete it for our buildings.
    8. Fabric:     Nothing to report.    One member has reported possible woodworm in a pew at Bellanoch.   It was noted that there was an indication of damp above the gable window in Tayvallich.   
  8. Correspondence:   correspondence had been received from:

8.1 World Mission Council inviting the congregation to be linked to Rev. Dr Ken Ross as Mission Partner.    Following discussion it was agreed that we would not take invitation.

8.2 Church and Society Council with sources of information for the support of EU nationals with difficulties due to the process of the UK leaving the EU.   It was agreed that this would be referred to in intimations and displayed on the notice board.

8.3 Mission and Discipleship Council with copy of a new resource “Conversations in Discipleship” for use with Sessions, group discussions or home groups.    This was agreed to be a useful resource and the Session Clerk was asked to get copies for all the elders.    This may also be useful for Cafe Church.

8.4    Graham Walker, a member of the Achnamara Hall Committee, to inform Session that there was a “Maintenance Weekend” at the hall on the 31st August and 1st September 2019.    It was therefore agreed that Cafe Connect would not take place on the 31st August.

9. Date of next meeting:      The next meeting will be on the 19th September at 7.30pm in Tayvallich Church.

10. The meeting was closed by all saying “The Grace” together.