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Kirk Session Agenda 19 August 2019

  1. Opening Prayer and Worship
  2. Sederunt
  3. Apologies
  4. Minutes of meetings of the 10th July 2019
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
    1. Audio visual equipment.
    2. Extension
    3. Heartedge Conference
  6. Worship and Mission:
    1. Elders and Elder’s districts
    2. Messy Church
    3. Alpha/ Alpha next
    4. “Life Explored” report
    5. Second Sunday Supper/Cafe Church
    6. Service calendar – inc. Rev. Chris Whiteley 
    7. Mission Development Plan.
    8. “Radical Action Plan” proposed Season of Prayer
  7. Reports:
    1. Interim Moderator  – 
    2. Presbytery
    3. Stewardship  
    4. Safeguarding 
    5. Notifiable events 
    6. Treasurer and Finance Committee
    7. Health and Safety
    8. Fabric  
  8. Correspondence:
  9. Date of next meeting
  10. Close with prayer.

Kirk session minutes 10 July 2019

  1. The meeting was opened by the Interim Moderator with prayer.
  2. Sederunt:   Mrs Alison Hay, Interim Moderator; Mr David Logue, Session Clerk and Safeguarding co-ordinator ; Mrs Libby MacDonald; Mrs Norma Kelly, Presbytery Elder and Stewardship Co-ordinator,  Mrs Catherine Paterson, Stewardship Co-ordinator; Mrs Louise Logue, Treasurer.
  3. Apologies were received from Mr Russell Anderson, Property Convenor and Health and Safety Co-ordinator.
  4. Minutes of meetings of the 29th May 2019.                                                   The minutes of the meeting of the 29th May had been previously circulated.   They were approved. Proposed by Mrs Norma Kelly and seconded by Mrs Catherine Paterson.
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
    1. Audio visual equipment.     It was agreed that the installation of Audio visual equipment be progressed without delay.
    2. Extension.   There was no further information from the Planning Department concerning the Preplanning application which had been submitted.
  6. Worship and Mission:
    1. Messy Church: The session is now complete and will plan to recommence in the Autumn term.   The final meeting was a picnic at Kilmartin Green.    Mrs Logue who is the main organiser of Messy Church intimated she will stand down as organiser now.
    2. Alpha/ Alpha Next:   No current plans to commence a new Alpha Group.    Alpha Next continues to meet weekly with a short break in July and August.   Mrs Kelly has looked into the training resource “Life Explored” as a possible initiative to start.  Mr Logue was asked to review this on line and if suitable purchase this material for future use.
    3. Second Sunday Supper:   two suppers had been run with the organisation and catering carried out by the Alpha Next group.   The evening had been well received.   The third event will be on the 14th July with some members of the community assisting with catering.  16 to 18 people are attending from both church and local community. 
    4. Cafe Church: 24 people had attended this first “Cafe Church” at Achnamara Hall on the fifth Sunday of the month.    Mr Logue pointed out that this was an experimental format and should not be taken as the only way to do “Cafe Church”.   Some people with hearing difficulties had found the discussion difficult due to the sound from other tables.    It was noted that the discussion was limited in some groups due to the level of biblical knowledge, although this may also be an encouragement for some to read the bible more.It was suggested that a “facilitator” with an understanding of the passage under discussion should be allocated to each table group to help discussion.  One child was present and it was suggested that more focus could be on communication with children. The “Songs of Praise” element of singing people’s chosen hymns was popular.It was also noted that a number of visitors from outwith the parish attended and that some from the local community who did not attend Sunday worship services also came and enjoyed the event. It was agreed that the next “Cafe Church” in September will be led by the Local Worship Leaders.     
    5. Service calendar:   the current list of those who are leading Sunday worship was circulated for information.    It was agreed that North Knapdale would join with Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford Parish for a service on the 13th October in Kilmartin Church to celebrate one year in their new building. Chris Whiteley, a minister in the Baptist church has offered to lead worship on the 8th September 2019 at Bellanoch.   Mrs Kelly will also ask him to lead other meetings, for example, for bible study or prayer  while he is here.    
    6. Mission Development Plan. Four meetings with the congregation have now taken place with a variety of views, suggestions and ideas.  The Session Clerk has written these up and circulated them at Sunday worship and on the website. A summary sheet setting out the main conclusions so far has also been collated and circulated.    A further meeting of North Knapdale congregation will take place on the 21st July after worship, and the session clerk is asked to approach the other Mid Argyll congregations to set a date for a joint meeting. 
    7. Coffee Morning It was noted that the organisation of the Coffee morning is progressing with Dr Chrystine Livingston taking the lead.   Mrs Logue circulated a leaflet showing church activities throughout the year and this was approved as a handout at the Coffee Morning .  
  7. Reports:
    1. Interim Moderator  – no news to report
    2. Presbytery – Mrs Kelly gave a brief report on the discussions at the last meeting of Presbytery and provided a list of the main points provided by the Presbytery Clerk for information for Sessions.  These are provided as Addendum 1 to this minute.
    3. Stewardship:   Mrs Kelly gave an updated total for the Christian Aid collection of £670.00
    4. Safeguarding:  nothing to report 
    5. Notifiable events :  nothing to report
    6. Treasurer and Finance Committee.   Mrs Logue provided a six monthly report on the finances of the church.   The figures are provided in Addendum 2 of this minute
    7. Health and Safety:    The Health and Safety Tool kit has been received and will be passed to the Property Convenor.
    8. Fabric:   no report. 
  8. Correspondence:
    1. An e-mail has been received from the Charity “CHAS” (Children’s Hospices across Scotland) informing of a Fund Raising race night event on the 3rd August in Lochgilphead.   It was agreed to include this in the Sunday Morning intimations.
    2. Notification has been received from the Church of Scotland HR department with information on the recruitment of a Chief Officer to take forward the Radical Action Plan.
    3. Invitation has been received for recommendations for the next Moderator of the General Assembly to be submitted by the 8th August.
    4. The programme co-ordinator for Eco-congregation Scotland has offered to hold an event in Mid Argyll in October.   It was agreed that the session clerk should progress this in collaboration with the other congregations in the area.
    5. Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford parish are holding a celebration service on the 13th October to mark the anniversary of their move into the premises in Kilmartin.     It was agreed we would accept their proposal to make this a joint service between the parishes.    There will therefore be no Sunday Worship service in North Knapdale on that date.
    6. The Session Clerk had made enquiry to the Church of Scotland Law department concerning the title to the land on which Bellanoch church and surrounds lies.    Anne Steele of the law department has replied that in her view, the previous feu ownership has now ceased under legislation of 2004, and that there is no longer any right in favour of the Poltalloch Estate.    Copy of the original feu Contract was enclosed for information.
    7. Notification of the Annual “Heartedge” conference has been received.   It was agreed that this looked to be an interesting programme which   It was agreed that this looked to be an interesting programme which may have relevance to our congregation, and the development of the Mid Argyll Mission Development Plan.    It was agreed that the details would be circulated to the Session and individuals would give consideration to attending.   Some of the costs would be able to be reimbursed from the North Knapdale Parish training budget.
  9. Date of next meeting:   The next meeting will be in Tayvallich Church at 7.30pm on the 19th of August 2019
  10. The meeting was closed by the Interim Moderator with all present saying the Grace together.

Addendum 1

  • Note from the Presbytery Clerk on items for the attention of Kirk Sessions from Presbytery:
  • Congregations are asked to consider membership of the Scottish Compassionate Communities Network.
  • Sessions should note proposals in place to offer “on line” training to congregational office bearers.
  • Improved communication between Presbytery and Congregations should be actively sought.
  • Sessions are encouraged to discuss relevant deliverances from Presbytery as circulated by the Presbytery Clerk.
  • Sessions must ensure that vacant properties remain under valid insurance cover and that the required frequency of regular inspections is adhered to, particularly in relation to water supplies and heating.
  • The Radical Action Plan Mission should be put into action at local level.
  • Congregations should consider and report back on issues of loneliness, injustice and poverty.
  • Session should identify and encourage suitable candidates to train in and then undertake Pastoral Care in Parishes.
  • Sessions should be aware of and adhere to timelines for actions identified in the Local Church Review.
  • Safeguarding returns for Presbytery and Edinburgh should be approved at Kirk Session meetings.
  • Those who undertake activities requiring Disclosure Scotland certification must undertake Church of Scotland Safeguarding training.

Addendum 2 Six month Finance report.

Mission Planning Summary

Mission Development Planning: Summary

Meetings in North Knapdale have been held on 29 May, 2 and 16 June, and 7 July.

On 7 July we looked at the main themes which had come out of the first three meetings and these are listed below in order of most mentioned.

Theme Description Number of mentions
Community Connection The church being involved in the activities and interests of the community in which they live 21
Mission Communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who have not heard or have rejected the message of Christianity. 17
Prayer and Spirituality Worshipping together, seeking God’s will, telling others of God’s love, sharing belief and faith in God. 12
Christian Teaching Teaching and discussion on Christianity, faith, Bible study 9
Care and Concern Serving others in the church and community who have some area of need. 8


We talked about what staffing would be best in terms of paid staff and volunteers which would be able to serve the five parishes of Mid Argyll.

The main Options are:

1 Status quo – three ministers – this is not a realistic option due to financial restraints from Presbytery and Edinburgh.

2 Two full time ministers shared between five parishes with support from readers/ordained local ministers.

3 One minister and one other post – for example a mission development person or a youth worker or an elderly worker or two part time posts, with support from readers/ordained local ministers

We may be able to bid for extra funding from Edinburgh for another (non-minister) full time post if we have suitable mission plan 

If we want to maintain the current pattern of Sunday worship in each parish this would require readers and local worship leaders and members of the congregation regularly taking part in leading worship, as there will not be a minister available to take services in each parish every Sunday.


We talked about the buildings we would need in order to carry out the above themes that we have identified.

There was concern about the possibility of closing Bellanoch Church.  It was agreed that Bellanoch church is strategically placed to serve Bellanoch, Crinan and along the canal.

It is an attractive venue for worship but lacks facilities, level access and parking.

There is no “community space” available in the Crinan, Bellanoch, and Canal side area although the Crinan Coffee shop has been used for some community events, e.g. Community Council meetings.

A suggestion was made to build around Bellanoch church to transform it into a “community hub”, retaining the worship space, and adding meetings room, toilets and kitchen. 

Some plans are currently being developed for extension/alterations to Tayvallich church.  Use is also being made regularly of Achnamara Hall.

It was agreed that we set up a meeting with the other four parishes to discuss all our plans.

The next meeting for North Knapdale is after worship on 21st July in Tayvallich Church.

Some questions to think about for this next meeting are:

What are the pros and cons of having two ministers? 

What are the pros and cons of having one minister and a mission development person/youth worker/other full time person (or two part time)?

Can we make a case for funds for another person – for what role?

Are we willing to continue having congregation members, readers, Local Worship leaders taking services regularly when our minister(s) is not available.

What buildings do we think we need across all Mid Argyll?

What, if any, building do we need to serve the Crinan/Bellanoch/canal side area?

What building, if any, do we need in Tayvallich, and in Achnamara?

All previous notes are on the website or ask for a paper copy.

Mission planning progress

Mission Planning for Mid Argyll:  North Knapdale 3rd meeting

Future of the Church of Scotland

3rd Meeting held in Tayvallich Church on June 16th 2019

The number of attenders at the service held on this day were very few around 15. The number who stayed behind to continue discussions around the future of the C of S and North Knapdale’s views were around 10.

We started in prayer and looked at the thoughts that had been forthcoming from the previous meeting and David’s notes on that were read out. Those who had contributed to the 2nd meeting were glad to hear their comments included.

Catherine Paterson read out the bullet points from the Life and Work with a view to their relevance and impact on NK. Whilst a number of the bullet points were aspirational, there was little sense of direction given the diverse range of local parishes we have within Argyll and Bute.

 Networking and providing a hub for ministry was very much seen as a way forward, but we asked how could the people of Achnamara, Tayvallich, Bellanoch, Crinan and Cairnbaan be served, particularly if Bellanoch were to be closed as seems a strong possibility leaving only 1 building in Tayvallich remaining. 

The thought of the latter disturbed most, if not all at the meeting but it was recognised that having no running water, no toilet and further repairs required in the future would probably not be an option. One person said that we’re told that NK had plenty of money and felt some of that should be earmarked for Bellanoch. That raised murmers of agreement.

We noted the tag line from bullet point 10 “well equipped spaces in the right places” and felt that probably most churches in Mid Argyll would not meet that particular criteria and that most church-goers would be reluctant for their church to be earmarked as redundant but we agreed that point would need to be met in the near future.

The point of further training for ministry and leadership roles drew comments that this was simply a means of dealing with the dearth of Ministers and fewer men and women training to be C of S ministers. 

We did recognise that the Church as a whole, has to have a fresh vision and that encouraging members within the church to be more active in different roles was right.  But there were strong feelings that we all need feeding and teaching from Scriptures and that Ministers were equipped during their training to provide the relevance of God’s word for today and we all need ministry.

Other discussions centred around the need for meeting up with our neighbouring churches to hear their views and start the talks on how the diverse geographic and low-populated parts of our parish could be served.

We discussed the need for the church to reach out to those under 40. Catherine told of a Mosque in Perth who also face this problem and used their hall to provide sports activities run and supported by the members.

Whilst Messy Church reached out to primary school children, they did not keep attending when they reached secondary school age. We need to be where the young people are – but how? We also understand that young people often experience anxiety or mental health problems and there are few resources for them.

Everyone agreed with the final bullet point on a season of prayer and preparation from September to December. Could that be expanded on at the next meeting please?

There was an agreed sense that we need to pray for this situation, seek ways to find a new structure that would be fit for purpose for Mid Argyll and that training those who played active roles within the churches in this area be recognised as crucial. 

We need to guard that new structures don’t become strictures that would discourage more people being involved in church growth or leaving the church to find alternatives places to worship. 

Catherine thanked everyone for attending and contributing to the discussions.

The meeting closed in prayer.

The next meeting is planned for July 7th after worship.

Post meeting email.

Due to the birth of their daughter, Courtney and Nick Smith could not attend this meeting but sent on this email a week later. Having taken the trouble to type this up, feel it’s only fair to include their thoughts.

Nick, Daisy and I are not quite ready for a Sunday service with North Knapdale yet, for a number of reasons… but we wanted to contribute to the discussions and brainstorming ideas that will take place today. Below is a list of ideas we developed- please forgive the rough draft – we were typing one handed and Time for editing is short these days!

1.The arrow head of Christianity in the community is Christmas

Christmas decorations and ‘vibe’ in Lochgilphead could be much improved – a little more pride taken particularly with the tree. 

Perhaps a donation of new street decorations – particularly the tree with a Christian focus – rather than the councils current decorations. Perhaps a beautiful nativity scene. 

Could all of the local churches across denominations unite to present a Christian presence that values and glorifies the communities visual experience of Christmas? Imagine if we  had a magnificent tree – like the ones from the movies that the wider communities watch at Christmas time. 

Further on the ideas surrounding Christmas as the churches most public/active community interaction/presence…

Could we host a carol event on the green in Lochgilphead and reach out to the other churches, schools and secular choirs to join in? if the children are involved through school music programs, then the families will come. could have a little craft market or offer mince pies and mulled wine. not for donations but as a generous Christmas gift to the community. 

local art competition across all schools and denominations for posters and publicity. get the paper involved to print new carol sheets in the weeks before Christmas. 

This could create cross denominational and secular community buzz.


Get men involved, you get the men, you get the women and the children.

Fathers’ day… Glorify the masculine contributions in our society with a summer festival on the new Lochgilphead green.

Spend some of the 200K in the bank on this, accept that we will spend money and make an investment. Better than investing 20k in nothing the community benefits from and then reporting that we’ve made a loss.

Bring people together and sponsor the event proudly as the new public face of the combined congregations who wants to get involved in the community. Have a fete, kids will come, families will come… put on music, farm foods, military, shooting clubs, men’s clubs… 

Further on getting men involved to bring in more families…

tool sharing/men’s shed – buy a shed full of tools most men don’t have – plant tools etc. create a tool library and offer mentoring/help with diy projects or advice. 

could be involved in making the beautiful nativity scene for christmas decorations. very skilled community   – lets use it. 

Get local paper involved. Put posters up.

some other ideas:


Invest in accommodation such as a swift s-pod 6. , air bnb it… get a genuine revenue and have guests come stay in the pod. Don’t over do the church involvement but make it known. Could be used as retreat with sightseeing packages included/suggested. could book guided walks for additional fees, etc.


The church is up against secularism… this church will not thrive in its current state. If we change it to a more modern or Pentecostal style we will lose the current congregation and move further away from the biblical realities of what church is supposed to be. Only traditionalists will join this church in its current state. It provides for the current congregation but not really any deeper. 

Final thoughts:

Keep what we have for current ageing congregation.

Put more focus on outward activities and clubs.

Spend money in local community to make events appealing to non church goers.

Sponsor community team/sports team. Provide most valuable player prize – voucher to square peg or something.

All blue sky ideas… but that’s where we are aiming when we glorify our God!

Session Agenda 10 July 2019

  1. Opening Prayer and Worship
  2. Sederunt
  3. Apologies
  4. Minutes of meetings of the 29th May 2019
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes
  6. Worship and Mission:
    1. Messy Church
    2. Alpha/ Alpha next
    3. Second Sunday Supper/Cafe Church
    4. Service calendar
    5. Mission Development Plan.
    6. Coffee Morning  
  7. Reports:
    1. Interim Moderator  – 
    2. Presbytery
    3. Stewardship  
    4. Safeguarding 
    5. Notifiable events 
    6. Treasurer and Finance Committee
    7. Health and Safety
    8. Fabric
  8. Correspondence:
  9. Date of next meeting
  10. Close with Prayer

Mission planning for beginners…

Don’t miss the next vital meeting – 16 June in Tayvallich church after morning worship…

Mission Planning for Mid Argyll: North Knapdale. – First meeting

A meeting of the congregation was held on Wednesday 29th May 2019 at Tayvallich church to discuss the requirement from the Presbytery Planning group for the five parishes of Mid Argyll to develop a joint Mission Development Plan.

The meeting was asked to consider:

How do we plan for the Christian church to be a vital and life changing influence on our society over the next 10 to 20 years?   That is really what we are being asked to   consider for Mid Argyll.

We are asked to produce  a “Mission Development Plan” in collaboration with our neighbouring Parishes of Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford; Ardrishaig and South Knapdale; and Lochgilphead.

This plan must be agreed by all the Parishes and submitted to the Presbytery Planning Group for signing off by September this year.    This plan will include proposals for the ministerial cover for the five Mid Argyll parishes.

What should be in our Plan?

What are the issues in our communities?    How is our church involved in our communities?

How do we present “Following Jesus” as relevant to our neighbours?   How do we introduce Jesus, Son of God, to people who have no idea of the Christian story?   How would you like to see the church working in 20 years time?

Some questions to get us thinking:

What would be lost to our community if we ceased to be here?

Why do we exist as a congregation?

What purposes and values must we hold on to, to maintain our identity?

What are we willing to let go in order to continue as a congregation here?

What resources would help us develop as church in Mid Argyll.

Who will suffer if the church does not continue here?

How can we support them into a changed system.

What structure should we have across Mid Argyll to develop as a combined church.

Following a general discussion the meeting divided into two groups for further discussion based on three questions as discussion starters.  

1 What would the community miss if the church was not here?

2 How should the church serve the community in ways no-one else can?

3 What structure do we need in Mid Argyll to be most effective as a church in relation to the answers to Questions 1 and 2?

It would be impossible to provide considered views on these topics in one meeting only and it was agreed that further meetings with others from the congregation should take place.

At the first meeting a wide range of answers and comments were made and these are summerised as follows – 

People in this area in general appear to be fairly satisfied with material aspects of life, although it is noticeable that issues such as addictions, mental health problems , family break up would indicate that this may not be the real picture.

The church provides a place of stability and is seen by some as the heart of the community, even though they may not attend.

People would miss the Christmas and Easter services if the church was not here.

Messy Church would be missed, and Cafe Connect.

The church building could provide a space for quiet contemplation, for prayer, and for deeper conversations.    

The church building is a scary place for some people who would not come in.

Some in the congregation provide pastoral care and demonstrate God’s love to others.

The church could provide more opportunities for teaching about Christianity, faith, and for open discussion and questioning, during and after services.

If we had “One Parish” of Mid Argyll, this would reduce the number of people involved in being Session clerks, treasurers, presbytery elders, Stewardship and Safeguarding roles, etc., and would therefore free up these people for other activities.

We need to consider how we can “connect” more effectively with the people of Crinan and Cairnbaan.

If we have “One Mid Argyll Parish” then we could have an employed person to do training on outreach, pastoral care, visiting, or youth work, dementia awareness, etc. as well as a minister.

We could have monthly central services led by a minister and on other weeks meet in our local church as we do now – led by lay people.   

Mission Development Planning for Mid- Argyll – North Knapdale:  Second meeting

On the 2nd of June we held a second meeting of the congregation, after the Morning service, to carry on our discussions.

The meeting decided that it would consider the first discussion question –

 What would the community miss if the church was not there – considering the “church” to be the people of the congregation, rather than the building.

There were 16 people attended the meeting and discussions reviewed comments from the first meeting as noted above and also moved on to new aspects. 

Comments and ideas covered the following:

It is vital that we pray about this process, seek God’s will and follow that through.

We have a duty to both follow God and to serve the community by being out and about taking part in what is going on.

When visiting with Christian Aid envelopes many people wanted to talk about the church.

There is an increase in people asking for “Humanist” services for funerals and weddings.   

Should we do more to encourage church weddings?

Visiting is an important role for the congregation, and helps to build up the community.

The community would miss Easter and Christmas services and also weddings and funerals.

Messy church would be missed by those who attend.

The church provides prayer and pastoral care – although this may not be seen by the community.

We should aim to have a Youth Worker for Mid Argyll.

The parish has a healthy bank balance, we could use this to fund extra workers, e.g. for youth work.  Also there are many grants available, such as “Going for growth” fund where we could apply for extra funding for projects.

The presbytery is considering having a Chaplain for Farmers, perhaps this post could be based in Mid Argyll? 

What should we be doing to serve and connect with the communities of Crinan and Cairnbaan?

Services at Bellanoch are well attended.  Is that because of the central position?

How can we influence the schools to include Christian teaching in their curriculum, or to have visits by Ministers, elders or SU groups?

We should join in and support the Youth Environment Project which young people in the area have started. (– e.g.first meeting is in Tayvallich on the 2nd June.)

The next meeting will be after the morning service at Tayvallich next Sunday – the 15th June. Please stay after the service and bring your vital contribution to this important discussion. Thank you.

Kirk Session Minutes 29 May


  1. The meeting was opened with prayer led by the interim Moderator.
  2. Sederunt: Mrs Alison Hay, Interim Moderator; Mr David Logue, Session Clerk; Mrs Libby Macdonald, Mrs Catherine Paterson, Mrs Norma Kelly, Mrs Louise Logue; Mr Russell Anderson, Property Convenor
  3. Apologies were received from Ms Ealasaid Mackay
  4. Minutes of meetings of the 29th April 2019:The minutes of the meeting of the 29th April were taken as read and unanimously approved:  Proposed by Mrs Logue and seconded by Mrs Kelly.
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
    1. Audio Visual Equipment.    Mr Chris Tabraham has offered to take this forward.
    2. Extension of Tayvallich Church:  A pre planning application has been submitted to the Planning Department.
    3. Service Calendar:  The session Clerk reported that leaders for worship services were in place through until the end of October 2019
    4. Office Bearers:  Mrs Heather Anderson has taken on the role of GDPR co-ordinator.
    5. Mrs Hay reported that she has ordered Health and Safety toolkits for the Church buildings to be passed to the Property convenor.   It was agreed that Health and Safety will be a standing item on the agenda.
  6. Worship and Mission:
    1. Messy Church:   The final meeting for this session will be the Messy church picnic at Kilmartin.   Date to be arranged.
    2. Alpha:   The alpha next group are holding a “Second Sunday Supper at Achnamara Hall on the 9th June.   The people of Achnamara and the church congregation will be invited.
    3. Service for the Closure of Inverlussa Church.    This service had taken place led by Rev David Carruthers.   It was agreed that this had been a fitting and well received event as a final service of worship in this building.   54 people had attended.
  7. Reports:
    1. Interim Moderator:   The importance of current Health and Safety records and actions was stressed.
    2. Stewardship:  The collection for Christian Aid around the entire parish had been completed and well supported.   At this time approximately £600 had been received. There is a Stewardship road show on “A narrative of Generosity” in Oban on the 11th of June.    Mrs Paterson and Mrs Logue expressed interest in attending.   
    3. Safeguarding:   The May 2019 newsletter has been received by the Coordinator.
    4. Notifiable  events:   Nothing to report 
    5. Treasurer and Finance Committee:  No report to this meeting.
    6. Fabric:   A small shed has been erected at Tayvallich for the Grass cutting equipment.  
  8. Correspondence:
    1. Inverlussa Church Building:    Confirmation has been received in an e-mail from the lawyers to the General Trustees that the sale of Inverlussa church building is completed on the 28th May 2019 and the money transferred into our account held by the General Trustees.Mr Logue will hold the key until requested by the purchaser.The Communion Table, font, lectern, vacuum cleaner, Christmas Tree and small table have been removed to the Tayvallich Church for consideration for disposal.
    2. Any other correspondence: None reported
  9. Date of next meeting:   The next meeting will be at Tayvallich Church on the 10th July at 7.30pm.
  10. The meeting was closed with prayer.

Kirk Session Agenda 29 May 2019


  1. Opening Prayer and Worship
  2. Sederunt
  3. Apologies
  4. Minutes of meetings of the 29th April 2019
  5. Matters arising from the above minutes:
    1. Audio Visual
    2. Extension
    3. Service Calendar
    4. Office Bearers:  GDPR
  6. Worship and Mission:
    1. Messy Church
    2. Alpha
    3. Service for the Closure of Inverlussa Church.
  7. Reports:
    1. Interim Moderator  – 
    2. Stewardship  
    3. Safeguarding 
    4. Notifiable events 
    5. Treasurer and Finance Committee
    6. Fabric  
  8. Correspondence:
    1. Inverlussa Church Building
    2. Any other corresspondance
  9. Date of next meeting
  10. Close with Prayer

The meeting will be followed by a congregational meeting to discuss the development of a Mission Plan for Mid Argyll Parishes. 

Kirk session minutes 29 April 2019

  1. Opening Prayer and Worship.

The meeting was opened in prayer led by the Interim Moderator:

2. Sederunt: Mrs Alison Hay, Interim Moderator; Mr David Logue, Session Clerk; Mrs Louise Logue, Mrs Norma Kelly, Mrs Libby MacDonald, Ms Ealasaid Mackay, Mrs Catherine Paterson. 

3. Apologies:   Mr Russell Anderson, Property Convenor; Mrs Marjorie Drysdale.

4. Minutes of meetings of the 23rd March 2019 and 18th April 2019.

The minutes of the meeting of the 23rd March were approved: Proposed by Mrs Kelly and seconded by Mrs MacDonald.

The minutes of the meeting of the 18th April were approved: Proposed by Mrs Logue and seconded by MrsPaterson

5. Matters arising from the above minutes.

5.1 Audio Visual Equipment:   Mrs Kelly will ask members of the congregation, if they will look into the provision of Audio visual equipment for Tayvallich church.

5.2 Tayvallich Church extension:   Mr Logue advised the meeting that Mr Nick Smith was preparing sketches of the proposed extension to Tayvallich Church for submission to the Planning department for an informal assessment.   It was agreed that this development be handed over to the Property convenor, Mr Anderson, for taking forward.

6. Session Administration

6.1 Review of Stated Annual Meeting 7.4.19:

The Stated Annual Meeting had taken place on the 7th April 2019 and the reports well received by the congregation.  It had been agreed at the S.A.M that the views of the congregation and community be sought on the pattern of the venues for Sunday worship following the closure of Inverlussa Church. 

6.2 Service calendar after closure of Inverlussa:

The views of the congregation and community were canvassed between the 7th April 2019 and the 27th April 2019 by questionnaires distributed at church services and Cafe Connect.

49 completed questionnaires were received with 26 in favour of worship services alternating weekly between Bellanoch Church and Tayvallich Church only, and 22 in favour of worship services continuing in the current pattern but meeting in Achnamara Village Hall instead of Inverlussa Church.   One return proposed that we meet in Tayvallich Church only.

Other comments received were:  Have more frequent joint services with Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford Parish; when there is a fifth Sunday in a month meet on those Sundays only in Achnamara Hall.

Following discussion the session agreed that they would seek permission from Presbytery to commence a regular pattern of Sunday Worship from the 2nd June 2019 as follows:

First and third Sunday each Month: Tayvallich Church

Second and fourth Sunday each month Bellanoch Church

Each fifth Sunday in a month Achnamara Hall.

The times of the Tayvallich and Bellanoch Services will remain at 10.00 am during 2019.   The service in Achnamara Hall will be at 4.30 pm.   The Achnamara services may be presented in a “cafe style” format with afternoon teas.

6.3 Congregational Office Bearers:    

Health and Safety Co-ordinator: Mr Logue reported that Mr Anderson, Property Convenor had been given the position of Health and Safety Co-ordinator.

Mrs Hay will ascertain if there has been a Health and Safety toolkit previously provided to the Parish.

GDPR co-ordinator: Mrs Logue will approach a member of the congregation to ask if they will take on this role.

7. Worship and Mission:

7.1 Messy Church: Mrs Logue provided a brief report on Messy church. 

7.2 Alpha  Next: Mrs Logue reported on the event “Second Sunday Supper” in Achnamara Hall.  This had been well received by all attending and further “Suppers” are planned from June onwards.   The format is a meal with conversation starter questions using “TableTalk”. This had been a pilot event and 18 people attended.  For future events it is planned to invite members of the congregation and the community, it is planned to invite members of the congregation and the community, and due to the constraints of the hall, limit the places to 32.   It was agreed that the “Second Sunday Supper” would have a separate column in the accounts.

8. Presbytery Planning Meeting – discussion.

The Session held an open discussion on the forthcoming meeting with Presbytery on the future planning of Parishes in Mid-Argyll.  The meeting will be with members of the Sessions of North Knapdale, Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford, Ardrishaig and Lochgilphead.

9. Reports:

9.1 Interim Moderator:  Mrs Hay emphasised the importance of carrying out a Health and safety audit on our buildings.  – 

9.2 Stewardship :   Mrs Kelly confirmed that Christian Aid week commences on the 12th May and volunteers would be delivering envelopes throughout the parish.   She also reminded the meeting that World Mission Council were collecting used stamps and asked that this be noted in the weekly service leaflet. 

9.3 Safeguarding :  Nothing to report

9.4 Notifiable events :  Nothing to report

9.5 Treasurer and Finance Committee :  Mrs Logue reported that the recent Coffee Morning raised over £750.   She asked that the dates of Coffee mornings be set by the individual who was taking responsibility for organising the event.   It was noted however, that the events should continue to be on suitable Saturdays during the Easter and summer school holidays to attract the optimum number of visitors.

10 Correspondence  

10.1        Inverlussa Church Building:

Mr Logue reported on an e-mail from the Church of Scotland Law department concerning further correspondence from the potential buyer with qualified acceptance to purchase the property but subject to two qualifications relating to the entry date and Clause 15 of the standard clauses.

It was hoped that this would be concluded by the end of May 2109.       

10.2 Any other correspondence:

  • Possible Worship Leading training with Episcopal Church:

An e-mail had been received from Father Simon MacKenzie of Christ’ Church Episcopal church with information on a possible training course for lay people in leading worship.   This could be undertaken by individuals from the Church of Scotland.   

This has been sent to Presbytery for consideration.

  • Homeless Jesus – post lent reflection on rural homelessness.  Information on this will be e-mailed to session members.
  • Request for wedding at Bellanoch – May 16th 2020.

A request from Ms Julia Ferguson to use Bellanoch Church building as a wedding venue has been received.   As we currently have no minister she has been advised that the church building is available, but she will have to find and appoint a minister from a Christian denomination herself. 

  • Elder’s conference – 7th to 9th June Tulliallan.

A reminder for this event has been received and details will be circulated to Session members.   The costs can be met from the Church Training budget. 

  • Tearfund:  Lent appeal.  Information on this appeal had been received but after discussion it was agreed that this clashed with the Christian Aid appeal and so no action would be taken. 
  • Letter from Rt Rev Susan Brown, Moderator of the General Assembly.

The Moderator has written in relation to the tragedy of the bomb attacks on Christian places of worship and hotels on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka.

Details of an appeal to assist the Church of Scotland congregation of St Andrew’s, Colombo, to provide aid to those affected by the atrocity, will be circulated to the congregation through the Service leaflet on Sunday, 2nd May 2019

11.Other Business:   It was agreed that the meal in Achnamara Hall after the closing service at Inverlussa would be a buffet.   Mrs MacDonald will co-ordinate the various donations of food.   A request for donations of food will be made to the congregation and to the Achnamara Community

12.Date of next meeting:    29th May 7.30pm, Tayvallich Church.

The moderator closed the meeting leading members in saying “The Grace” together.

………………………………………………………………………..  Mrs Alison Hay

  Interim Moderator

………………………………………………………………………….. Mr David Logue             Session Clerk