Kirk Session Notes 12 October 2018

Gift for Mr and Mrs Cameron:

Mrs Logue reported that a gift of a Hamper of various foods had been bought from Fortnum and Mason, to which had been added a variety of food items bought locally.

The Session viewed this as a very suitable gift to Mr and Mrs Cameron and commended the congregation on their generosity which is a reflection on the high esteem in which Mr and Mrs Cameron are held.

Audio visual equipment:

Mr Logue reported on research which he had carried out on this matter and also advice received from Mr John Turner, CARTA adviser on Audio Visual installations.    Following discussion it was agreed that Mr Logue would circulate a note on this matter to the Session and this would be given further consideration at the next meeting.

The moderator also suggested that members should take the opportunity to study installations in other churches which they visit. 


Mr Logue reported on two estimates he had received for the installation of a storage shed for both “Messy Church” and similar items , and for garden equipment.     He noted that he awaited a response from a third supplier.   During discussion it was noted that this shed would be sited on the area designated for the proposed extension to the church at Tayvallich.   It was decided that further consideration on the purchase of a shed for storage would await clarification on the likely timetable for this proposed extension.

Development of Tayvallich Church

Mr Logue reported that an initial plan and specification had been sent to the presbytery Property Convenor, Rev Lindsay Schluter, and a response was awaited on whether this development would be supported by Presbytery.

Service for Public Profession of Faith.

Rev. c. Acklam confirmed that he had met with Nick and Courtney Smith and that following discussion with them he was pleased to propose their admission to the Lord’s Supper.    A service for the Public Profession of Faith, Confirmation and Admission to the Lord’s Supper will take place on the 14th October 2018, at Tayvallich Church, to welcome them into fellowship.

“Shoebox” Service

The Service to gather in Shoeboxes under the Blytheswood Shoebox appeal 2018, and to pray for their distribution and use will take place on November the 4th 2018 at Tayvallich Church and the Shoeboxes will be delivered to the collection point on the 8th November. 

Messy church.

Mrs Logue reported that Messy Church had recommenced for the new session.   She thanked all who are involved in this and is pleased that Mrs Smith has taken on a lead role. 

On a related matter the Rev. C. Acklam reported that the Tayvallich Primary School were looking for a continuation of visits from a representative of the church after Rev. Cliff Acklam has left the parish.


Mr Logue reported that the recent Alpha Taster sessions had been well received by the group visiting the Parish from Kasamba congregation.   Following the event one local person had expressed interest in attending an Alpha series.   It had been decided to relaunch a series at the beginning of the new year 2019.

The “Alpha next” continues to meet weekly and covers a variety of topics relating to Christian Faith.

Rev. C. Acklam reported that he had attended a recent meeting of Alpha Next which had been led by a couple from Edinburgh churches, both ministers, who were visiting Mr and Mrs Logue, and he had found their discussion on the challenge and invitation of Jesus, very thought provoking.   He proposed that they be invited at their next visit to provide a training session for the congregation. 

Minister’s report:

Rev. C. Acklam reported that he had asked primary schools in the parish to design a Christmas card, as in previous years, for the congregation to distribute at Christmas to the local communities with Christmas message and information on Church activities at Christmas.

He circulated the paintings submitted by Tayvallich school pupils and following discussion one painting was chosen for the card design with one other as a back up.

The Session Clerk ( Mr Logue) was asked to progress this.

Rev. C. Acklam confirmed that his Visa to take up work in the United States had now been issued and he would be leaving this parish to take up his new post in New York State on the 15th October 2018.

His final service in the parish would therefore be on the 14th October 2018. 

Presbytery report:

Mrs Kelly reported on the Presbytery conference and particularly drew attention to the presentations on Palliative Care and Hospice Ministry.    The Session Clerk was asked to circulate these.

Other items considered at presbytery were Hub Ministry, Training for the future with particular reference to Online training, the use of “Godly Play” in young people’s ministry and schools, and encouragement for congregations to become involved in leading worship in their parishes and undertake training in this.

Treasurer and Finance Committee  

Mrs Logue circulated a note on the financial position 9 months into the financial year.   She reported that the Gift Aid secretary had issued letters with Gift Aid statements for the year to April 2018, and had made the appropriate claim to HM Customs and Excise for payment for the Gift Aid made to 


Mr Logue Provided information on a Training Event – “Equipping for the Future” on various aspects of Building maintenance and projects.  

It was agreed this may be a useful event for those involved in the Tayvallich church development to attend.


Inverlussa Church Building.

The Session Clerk informed the meeting that an e-mail, with three points, from Anne Steele, Solicitor with the Church of Scotland Law department had been received on the 11th October 2018.

First, the e-mail informed the session that a letter had been received from the landowner to the North West of the Church that he was not willing to grant a wayleave for drainage or septic tank across his property.

Second, the General Trustees had chosen not to follow our request that the Church be sold without wayleaves agreed.

Third, that the law department would follow up with the other landowner adjacent to the church, and with the Argyll and Bute Council concerning wayleaves for services.

Fourth, she asks if there are any other local landowners who might be approached for site of a septic tank.

The Session Clerk was asked to write to Ms Steele expressing disappointment at the General Trustees’ decision.

On line Training

Notification had been received from Argyll Presbytery Ministry Committee on an event in Inveraray on the 20th October to promote “On Line” training on being an Interim Moderator.    

Cross reach.

Materials from Crossreach had been received promoting the sale of Christmas Cards and calendars, and publicising the roles and activities of Crossreach.   Mrs Norma Kelly agreed to promote this material in the Parish.

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