Notes from Kirk Session 5 December 2018

  1. This was our first Session Meeting with our Interim Moderator  Rev. Hilda Smith, Also present were Mr David Logue, Mrs Libby MacDonald, Miss Ealasaid Mackay, Mrs Catherine Paterson, Mrs Louise Logue and apologies were received from Mrs Norma Kelly
  1. Items from Minute of 12th October 2018
    1. Audio visual technical equipment :

It was agreed that a group of people from the congregation be asked  to look into this and prepare a proposal for a suitable installation. 

    1. Development of Tayvallich Church.

The session clerk to discuss this with the Building and Planning departments and to provide the Convenor of the Presbytery Property committee with more information on proposed uses.

    1. Christmas cards:

The Church Christmas cards had been distributed by hand throughout the Parish.

  1. Worship and Mission:
    1. List of Services – December 2018 to February 2019:

The Session discussed the list of proposed service cover for the period to March 2019.   The various merits of introducing pulpit supply ministers and readers, using trained Local Worship Leaders, and introducing members of the congregation into taking more active part in worship were discussed.   Local Worship leaders would not normally be expected to lead worship on more than two Sundays per month and these may often be planned collaboratively.

The moderator reported that she had made further enquiries for cover and had positive responses from two contacts and she would follow these up.   She also advised that wherever practicable the person leading the services should do so in both parishes.

    1. Messy Church:    

This was continuing well.   The Messy Church Christmas Party is to be held at Kilmartin on the 6th December.

    1. Tayvallich Primary School visits:    

Mrs Courtney Smith has taken up the invitation by the headmaster of Tayvallich Primary school for someone from the church to visit the school to talk to the pupils once a month.

    1. Local Worship Leader Training.   

Four members of the congregation have expressed interest in attending this training in January and February 2019.    Unfortunately  one person is unavailable for the first session and will require to await a later tranche of training.    The names of the remaining three will be forwarded to the moderator for submission to Presbytery

  1. Reports:
    1. Presbytery:

Dundee Presbytery have offered to “twin” with Argyll to assist in covering vacant charges.   One minister from Dundee is spending time on Islay to cover that vacancy for two months, and it is hoped that arrangements can be made for others to come to vacant Argyll parishes for various periods.   

Presbytery has suggested a retiring offering at Services on the 27th January 2019 to support Theology Students from Malawi to undertake distance learning through Aberdeen University.   This was agreed.

  1. Correspondence:
    1. Inverlussa Church Building;

Representatives from CARTA had visited Inverlussa Church and drawn up a schedule of items for removal from the church prior to sale of the building.   A group from Session would visit Inverlussa to consider the content of this 

The Session Clerk had been notified of three individuals requesting to visit the church in relation to the sale.

    1. Christmas advert in Paper:

It was agreed to include the church services over Christmas in the Full Page Guide in the Argyllshire advertiser over two weeks at a cost of £45.   

Local Church Review:

    1. Draft Report.

The report was reviewed for factual inaccuracies and the session clerk noted these to respond to the LCR committee.

  1. AOCB:

Three copies of the booklet on Pastoral Care had been received and the session clerk was asked to obtain copies for all the elders.

The retiring offering at the Christmas Day service will be for Mid Argyll Transport Volunteers

  1. Date of next meeting:

Tuesday 12th February 2019 at 2.30pm in Tayvallich Church

  1. The meeting was closed with Prayer

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