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Last North Knapdale worship

In our service today we are contemplating an end and a beginning, turning a page to a new chapter in our church’s history. Next week we move from North Knapdale Church to become Dalriada, Mid Argyll church, so today we will give some time to thinking of this change.

Call to Worship Ps 23 vs 1 – 3

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall lack nothing
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside quiet waters
He restores my soul.
He guides me in paths of righteousness for His names sake.

Prayer together for Dalriada Mid Argyll Church and area.*

Lord, this Parish of Dalriada, Mid Argyll, this land of forest and loch, of hill and field, of town and village,
of homes and work, of rest and holidays,
Make this be a place of Your peace.

Here be the peace of those who do Thy will,
Here be the peace of people serving others,
Here be the peace of holy people obeying,
Here be the peace of praise by dark and day,

Be this land Thy holy place.
We, thy servants make this prayer.
May it be it in thy care


Readings – Is 55 vs 1 – 3 and 8 – 9
John 4 vs 7 – 14
John 7 vs 37 – 39.

This move into a united congregation will bring challenges, and it will bring blessings, we look forward to that, but we also look back and have our own memories of our worship and life as North Knapdale, in Tayvallich, in Bellanoch and in Inverlussa, some too might remember services at the hut at Kilmory. But as this hymn encourages us – Be thou my vision – not our thoughts but God’s, not our ways but His.
I would like us all to take a few minutes in quiet reflection together – yes to remember the good from the past, but also to look for a God-given vision for our church into the future.
How will we work with God to bring a river of living water to our thirsty communities?
I’ve asked Catherine to play quietly as we sit and ponder these things – to pray or to contemplate our memories and our visions.

Time of quiet

Lord’s Prayer.

Our Father, who is in heaven
Hallowed be your name
Your Kingdom come
Your will be done,
On earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For yours is the Kingdom
The power and the Glory


May this day bring Sabbath rest to our hearts and homes
May we know the grace to embrace our own finite smallness,
in the arms of God’s infinite greatness
May God’s word feed us and his Spirit lead us,
Into the week and life to come.
And may the blessing of God Almighty, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be with us now and always;

*amended from a poem attributed to St Aiden for the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, from Celtic Daily Prayer, The Northumbria Community Trust.

The vote

Notice is hereby given that
In connection with the proposed union of the congregations of Ardrishaig, Glassary, Kilmartin & Ford, Lochgilphead, North Knapdale and South Knapdale to form the congregation known as Dalriada Mid Argyll per the approved Presbytery Plan of 14th June 2022,
the congregation of North Knapdale will meet on Sunday, 2nd April 2023 in Tayvallich Church when voting will take place.
Only members and adherents attending in person will be entitled to vote.
The vote will take place after the Stated Annual Meeting.


North Knapdale Srollers outside Kilmartin Church

On Saturday 23 April the North Knapdale Strollers will be walking from Keills jetty to Tayvallich to raise funds for Donald Self’s gap year in Senegal.

If you would like to take part please contact us for more information.

If you would like to make a donation to the Strollers please give cash or a cheque to the church treasurer or use a bank transfer. We will be giving all money raised directly to Donald’s virtual kiltwalk in order to him to claim the extra 50%.

If you want to read more about Donald and his trip click here.

The last newsletter

Welcome to 2021!   A new year to look forward to, an opportunity to review our lives, and to consider our life’s journey.    Superficially, we make resolutions to “do better” or to “do more”, or to “do less”!   Whatever we think of, we look to change something.    At the end of 2020 there was much talk about a new beginning in 2021, throw off the disappointments and frustrations of Covid dominated 2020, and get on with our lives properly in 2021.   Well here we are – New Year, new lockdown – I have felt quite stunned at this reversion to our limited activities, our closed homes and so little social contacts.    But…. we have learned a little of how best to organise our lives in this “new normal”, we hear of the roll out of the vaccine, and the increased understanding of how best to treat those infected, so there is definite hope in our hearts for a better time ahead.  

One aspect of our situation which saddens me is the growing adoration of “science” as the saviour from our woes.  In the media, “Science” has taken on a personality – we trust in “the science” to get us out of trouble, to defeat the “virus”, to heal our people.   Now I agree – science is a wonderful system of research and study, many people have discovered thousands of amazing and life saving techniques by applying a scientific system to studying our world, but it is a system, not a “being”. 

It is people, not “the science”, who by applying their gifts of thinking and designing who are making the discoveries and inventions which we can use to overcome Covid and so many other terrible diseases.  

What wonderful abilities we have as people.   People mysteriously made in the image of God.  As we consider the clinicians and researchers who developed the Covid vaccines, as we give thanks for the new treatments and skills of our doctors, nurses, and other medics, remember to give the ultimate thanks to God, the ultimate clinician and technologist, who gave us the abilities and curiosity we have to learn through scientific systems, give thanks to Jesus Christ, whose life and love have opened the way for our lives to be complete and fulfilled with Him, and give thanks to the Holy Spirit whose inspiration and guidance have led into such an abundance of knowledge and discovery. 

I have been considering this weekly Newsletter for a few weeks now.   Should I restart as previously?   This was begun in March last year as a vehicle for communication to the congregation of North Knapdale, and I expected it to be for a month or two.   It has gone on a bit longer.   It was also something which I thought would keep things “ticking over” until we could get back to normal.   This was really a forlorn hope, and we can safely say now that North Knapdale Church, and all churches across Scotland and beyond, will never get “back to normal”.

If we can let this “normal” go, and look forward and trust that God is doing something more, something different with his people, if we can stand back and allow Jesus to build His church in His way and then join in, then I think we will see wonderful things happening in the Kingdom of God – here and elsewhere.

Twice this week I have been drawn to readings where God’s people are told to “be still” and let God get on with it.    Both are in times of trouble and anxiety, in times of fear and uncertainty. 

The first is in Exodus Ch 14 verse 13.   The Hebrews have escaped from Egypt, but their initial euphoria at freedom and victory has been dashed by the reality of coming up against a new challenge – the Red Sea.   The old enemy, the Egyptian army is pursuing them from behind, and ahead it looks like their freedom has been dashed by the barrier of the Red Sea.   Trapped between the army of their foes, and the impassable waters.    They are worried, and fearful and rushing about trying to do something, anything, to get out of their situation – go back to captivity, give in to Egypt, no apparent way ahead.   

This is what Moses says: 

 “Do not be afraid.   Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He shall accomplish for you today….”    

What a promise this is – and an instruction.  When we are uncertain, when we are anxious, when the past seems to be coming back to get us and the future is a big barrier – “Stand still”.    Stop rushing around, calm your activities, the situation is beyond you, but wait and see what God is going to do.    God opens up the sea, and they walk across in the dry land.  

How many Hebrews saw that coming!     There are times when standing still is all you can do – and trust in what our amazing God will accomplish.

The second reading is in 2 Chronicles Ch 20 vs 15 to 22, and it is too long to write here so look it up to read yourselves.   Again the Hebrews are stuck with an overwhelming enemy army coming to get them.   They don’t know what to do or where to go – and the Spirit of the Lord says through one of the leaders: 

“Do not be afraid or dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s…… will not need to fight in this battle…”

This is a time, I think, for us to “Stand still” to wait to see what God is doing.   To recognise that the battle is not ours, but God’s.   No rushing about, or bright ideas, or quick solutions, for us and our church.     

We wait, and pray, and praise, for we do know that God is working and will bless us, as we wait.

Sometimes it is difficult to stand still, but let’s do that and see the amazing work of God for his Kingdom.

As part of that standing still I am going to stop this newsletter as a regular item.   I will send out important information, and items of interest when they come in, but for the moment I will be silent, and I would ask that we all, together, listen and look out for, and welcome the ways that we see God working as we stand waiting – who knows how we will see the Red Sea parting!



A first footing prayer

This day is a new day That has never been before. This year is a new year The opening door. Enter, Lord Christ – We have joy in your coming. You have given us life And we welcome your coming.

I turn now to face you,

I lift up my eyes.

Be blessing my face, Lord

Be blessing my eyes.

May all my eye look on

Be blessed and be bright,

My neighbours, my loved ones

Be blessed in Your sight.

You have given us life

And we welcome your coming.

Be with us Lord

We have joy, we have joy.

This year is a new year,

The opening door.

Be with us Lord,

We have joy we have joy.

May we all know the blessing of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as we move into a new year – 2021.