Kirk session minutes 15 July 2018

At a meeting of the Kirk Session in Bellanoch Church on the 15th July 2018 at 1.00pm the meeting was constituted in prayer by the Moderator, the Rev. Clifford Acklam.
Moderator, the Rev. Clifford Acklam. Elders, Mrs Louise Logue, Mrs Libby MacDonald, Mrs Norma Kelly, Mrs Catherine Paterson, Mr David Logue.
Apologies were received from Miss Ealasaid Mackay.
Minutes of previous meeting.
As this meeting is constituted for the sole purpose of appointing a Session Clerk following the resignation of Mr Alan Cameron, the minutes of the previous meeting of the 4th July 2018 were carried forward to the next meeting of the Session on the 9th August 2018.
Session Administration:
The Moderator asked for nominations for the role of Session Clerk which is currently vacant.
Mr David Logue was proposed and he confirmed that he would be willing to take on the role. There were no other nominations. Following discussion, Mr David Logue was appointed with the unanimous support of all present.
Mr Logue then took the oath de fidele administratione (“I promise to carry out faithfully the duties of Session Clerk”).
The next meeting will be at 7.30pm on the Thursday 9th August in Tayvallich Church.
The meeting closed by saying the grace together.

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