Stated Annual Meeting (AGM)

Stated Annual Meeting of the Congregation of

North Knapdale Parish Church on the 7th April 2019 11.15am


The meeting was opened with prayer by the Session clerk.

1 Appointment of Chair:    In the absence of the Interim Moderator the Session clerk asked the meeting to appoint a chair.   Mrs Catherine Paterson was appointed unanimously.

2 Sederunt:    Mrs Catherine Paterson, Chair, Mr Nick Smith, Mrs Courtney Smith, Mrs Rachel Walker, Mr Nick Walker, Mrs Kim Ritchie, Ms Ealasaid Mackay, Mr James Goodman, Mrs Mary Maclaughlan, Ms Carolyn , Mrs Libby MacDonald, Mrs Norma Kelly, Mrs Louise Logue, Mr David Logue. 

3         Apologies:     Apologies were received from Mr Chris Tabraham, Mrs Mary Gauld, Mr Russell Anderson, Mrs Heather Anderson.

4 The minutes of the meeting of the 18th March 2018, were read to the meeting and approved.   Proposed by Mrs Logue and seconded by Mrs Kelly.

5 Interim Moderator Report:    In the absence of the Moderator, Mr Logue intimated that Rev Hilda Smith had stepped down as Interim Moderator in March 2108 and Mrs Hay had been appointed from that date.   Mr Logue expressed the thanks of the congregation to Rev Smith for her advice and support as Interim Moderator from October 2018 to March 2019.

6 Session Clerk Report:    Mr Logue, presented a report as session clerk.(Appendix 1).    There were no questions or comments from the congregation

7        Treasurer Report:   Mrs Logue presented a report on the Church finances for 2018. ( Appendix 2).   There were no questions or comments from the congregation.

8 Fabric convenor report:   Mr Anderson, the Fabric convenor, had submitted a written report which Mr Logue read to the congregation. (Appendix 3).     There were no questions or comments from the congregation.

9 Stewardship Convenor Report:   Mrs Kelly informed the meeting of the very successful collection for Christian Aid in 2018.  £640 plus Gift Aid was given through door to door collection throughout the Parish on May and a special Harvest Appeal in the Autumn raised £171.50, which was then multiplied by five by Government Aid.   Thanks to all who assisted with this.

Arrangements are in place for the 2019 appeal in May.

The World Mission Council ask congregations to save stamps the money from which last year was used for training future ministers in South Sudan.   This year the funds will be used to support the Chigodi Women’s centre in Blantyre, Malawi which provides skills training to assist women set up and manage businesses and the congregation is asked to leave stamps in the church vestibule or give them to Mrs Kelly.   

This year the World Mission Council is celebrating 50 years of the Stamp Appeal.

10 Safeguarding Report:   Mr Logue confirmed that the church has a responsibility to ensure that vulnerable adults and children are provided with a safe and supportive environment within all church activities.   There had been no incidents or concerns in relation to safeguarding during 2018.

A question was asked on the position of the church on GDPR legislation and procedures.  Mr Logue answered that this was being looked into and that progress would be made in the near future.  He asked if there was anyone present who would volunteer to take on the role of GDPR co-ordinator.  

11 Discussion on pattern of Sunday worship services following the closure of Inverlussa.

Mr Logue reported that it was likely that the Inverlussa building would be sold by the end of May 2019, with a closing service planned for the 12th May.

The views of the congregation were sought as to the preferred pattern of Sunday Worship venues following the closure of Inverlussa.

Mr Logue suggested two possible alternatives –

  1. Continue with the current pattern but meet in Achnamara Hall in place of Inverlussa.
  2. Meet alternate Sundays in Bellanoch and Tayvallich and cease Sunday Morning Worship in the Achamara area.

During discussion the following points were made:

There should be an increased number of joint services between North Knapdale and Glassary, Kilmartin and Ford Parishes.

In view of the continuing presence in Achnamara through Cafe Connect, services at Bellanoch and Tayvallich only would be acceptable.

It would be helpful to take the views of more of the congregation and also of those in Achnamara through Cafe Connect, at the Church Coffee Morning and at the Easter services.

It was agreed that a short “flier” would be prepared and circulated at these events asking for views.

Close of Meeting.

The meeting was closed with prayer by the Chair.

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