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We are sorry to announce that there will be no church activities in North Knapdale indefinitely.

However we will try to bring you links to online worship and encouragement….

The Rev. Scott Burton will be streaming his service again on Palm Sunday. Look on the worship page of his website.

An encouraging video from Julian of Norwich Reflections Facebook page:

Clinging to the Goodness of God

Hi, I thought I'd try a chat about Julian, rather than a written post. Its the first one I've done, so apologies for the annoying wind noise at the beginning, it stops quite soon. Hope you enjoy it.

Posted by Julian of Norwich Reflections on Friday, 3 April 2020

Listen to this amazing testimony and it even includes prawn cocktail crisps!

The day God sent a Cleaner- Covid-19. Pastor Lee McClelland.

Posted by The Ark Church Belfast on Monday, 30 March 2020

The Rev. Scott Burton will be streaming his service again on 29 March. Title: together in isolation. Look on the worship page of his website.

The virtual choir sings “In Christ Alone”.

Have you thought of joining the 24\7 prayer organisation? You can sign up to a virtual prayer room and choose a one hour slot. Or you could just use their prayer guide.

Here is a link to Rev Scott Burton’s church without walls service 22 March 2020

Subject: Sunday worship! Are you game for this?

Hi there,

You will have heard that congregations are not going to be meeting on Sundays for a while, but this doesn’t mean you can’t worship. I contacted a few friends who are ministers who regularly live-stream their Sunday worship – and asked them if they were going to continue to provide worship material for folk who won’t get to the kirk.

I’m pleased to tell you many of them said “Of course!” in fact, I’ve copied what some of them said below which tells you where You can find their worship for you. 

Good News to combat the bad!

And you can pass the Good News on to the people you know in your circle of Christian community…just forward the whole email on to them and be a missionary!

Hope you enjoy !

Rev Graham Crawford from Perth wrote:

Yes, I am planning to stream 30 minute services of prayer and meditation starting this Sunday at 10.30am. The services will then remain on the system for a week until replaced by the next service. Go to www.kinnoullparishchurch.co.uk click on worship and follow the link. That is where the watch again feature can also be found. Hope you are your family are well,

Every Blessing 


Rev Robert Allan from Falkirk Trinity:

We normally stream live but with Sunday services now cancelled we obviously will not be streaming the usual service.

We are now turning our mind to alternatives that we can stream, so hopefully will get something up and running in the near future.

We have a log of previous services that folk can still see on our website under worship if that helps meantime.

Our website is: 

Take care, and best wishes,


Rev Martin Fair – from Arbroath and this year’s new Moderator for a General Assembly that won’t be happening says:

Hi Andy, 

St. Andrew’s Arbroath will continue to stream at 11am each Sunday and will have everything available on catch-up.


Rev Gordon Palmer writes:

Thanks for your enquiry.  

We are intending to continue, though still feeling our way with it a little.  

Likely that we will either record or live stream each week.  Music wise we plan to cut and paste previous hymns etc in order to provide as typical a feel as we can, since we won’t have a congregation to sing live, even if we did have instrumentalists.  

Planning also to have daily reflection/ devotion during Holy Week.

Best way to find out what we have is on the website:  www.claremontparishchurch.co.uk   The “live stream” will have the most recent service, so folk do not HAVE to watch it at 10.30am on a Sunday morning.  

Share as widely as you like/can.  All welcome

Gordon Palmer 

Hope one of these suits your needs. Give it a try on Sunday and continue to praise God.

There are plenty of reasons to praise , and to pray for our communities, and our world.

Andy Campbell

One of our neighbouring ministers, Rev Scott Burton, has made this encouraging video and allowed us to share it on our site. You can link to his church’s website here. Scott will be using YouTube for his Sunday worship. Here he explains how to let another without internet access join in.

Here is a wee Facebook video from our previous minister, Rev. Cliff Acklam.

Here is a talk from Holy Trinity Brompton, the home of Alpha.